Own your Cheeky Monkeys

When families enter our bright cheerful facilities, they can be kept busy for hours! We do not believe in video games or false stimulants… we believe in old-fashioned play! Parents and kids don’t even realize where the time goes by running through our carefully and stimulating multi-level soft play areas. Special memories are also created in our MONKEY CLUBHOUSE where roleplaying takes place and our challenging Building BlockStations, and everyone is encouraged to create master pieces in our Arts & Crafts Garden.

Together, kids learn to share and play in a Montessori environment and our attentive staff are constantly offering a variety of activities from nursery rhyme sing alongs, puppet shows, bubble time, dance activities to visits from popular characters! Some of our locations offer classes for mommies & toddlers, various community-based coffee mornings and parent support groups. We also offer contemporary Celebration packages with updated themes. Cheeky Monkeys is a community solution for young families. We have lucratively covered a market niche that is so unique and an important urban lifestyle needed.

In a short span of time we have become a multi award winning industry leader. We credit our success to conducting numerous surveys throughout the past few years, listening to our customer base, and taking key advice from clever mommies; this has allowed us to perfect our offering. Each one of our locations is well received and the brand recognition has become so strong that we are often sought out by new mall developments as an Anchor tenant due to the footfall that Cheeky Monkeys attracts.

We have Thousands of Birthday Celebrations and understand the formula of success. We are pleased to offer a franchising opportunity to enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are willing to share our passion.

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